Our weekly tuition is due every Monday in the beginning of the week. When you enroll your child in our school you pay for their weekly spot in the classroom. Tuition is due every week regardless of absences, holidays or sick days. We are closed for 13 Holidays yearly and tuition is collected.

All tuition fees are due and payable on Monday for that week.
There is a $30.00 late fee for payments received after MONDAY, 5:30pm.
Returned checks will incur a $35.00 charge, and we will not resubmit a returned

Weekly Tuition 2020/2021

  • One Year Old Classroom (1-2) $220
  • Two Year Old Classroom (2-3) $185
  • Three Year Old Classroom (3,4,5) $175, $165
  • VPK $130 (August-May, Voucher required)
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